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The Barbican
Cinema 1

The Barbican is the UK’s only fully integrated arts centre. It presents a full year-round programme of art, music, theatre, dance, film and creative learning events. As the Guardian noted: ‘The Barbican is now at the leading edge of the performing arts in London.’

Designed in the Brutalist style, the Barbican has always been controversial. It was voted ‘London’s ugliest building’ in a poll in 2003, but amongst design aficionados it is regarded as one of the UK’s architectural treasures.

The Barbican is located in the heart of the City of London. With its cafes, lake and neighbouring terrace, and with its high-grade theatre and gallery spaces, it is a bold and inspirational venue for AGI Open 2013.

Party Night

Wapping Project

‘What an astonishing place the Wapping Project gallery is. This hulking Victorian brick building, a former hydraulic power station, squats in its neglected, scrubby grounds like the setting for a particularly gothic melodrama.

Inside, its restaurant is even lovelier, if your tastes run to the monolithic and vaguely ruined. The combination of concrete, soaring ceilings and cracked tiles with iconic modernist furniture can render even the jaded restaurant-goer temporarily speechless. Vast hooks on chains dangle from the ceiling. And, in the evening, abandoned machinery, its peeling paint mottled with rust, twinkles with candles, a bit like draping Godzilla in fairylights.’

Marina O'Loughlin, The Guardian

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