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Richard van der Laken



Richard van der Laken is one of the founders of Dutch 
graphic design studio Designpolitie (“Designpolice”), 
based in Amsterdam. The studio is celebrated for its fresh, 
deceptively simple and direct approach to graphic design.

Among other projects, they are the designers behind the review column ‘Gorilla’ in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and weekly magazine Groene Amsterdammer. In this they react to current 
affairs with word-and-image graphics.

Our monograph ‘The ABC of De Designpolitie’ is an index of 
their reflections on design, and collates their projects, schemes, photographs, musings and articles in a style that is both serious and replete with irony and self-mockery, a natural extension of their own ethos.

They are also the initiators, curators and designers of What Design Can Do, an international conference about the impact of design.

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