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Special project

Tea cup

Come to London for a nice drop of ‘Rosy Lee’ and drink it out of a cup you designed yourself!

Drinking tea is a very British obsession, usually communal, always eagerly anticipated. The tea cup has come to define a democratic act where regardless of point of view ideas can be exchanged and debated in neutral territory.

With AGI congregating in London this year it is therefore apt that the tea cup should be the subject of the Special Project.



You are asked to create a wrap around design for a specific shape of English bone china tea cup and saucer specially sourced from Stoke-on-Trent. You will supply the art work to specified dimensions as a PDF. This artwork will then be printed as a ceramic enamel decal and applied onto the cup and fired in a kiln by a ceramic specialist. You will not be working directly onto a cup.

The theme is ‘dialogue’. In a project where there are many limitations imposed by technical process, the development of visual content is where you have freedom for personal, provocative, unexpected interpretation.

Fine English bone china is a cold white in colour. Working with this you are permitted to use black.

The digital ceramic decal process allows for good reproduction of fine detail and photographic imagery.


Cup and Saucer

The maximum wrap around dimensions of the straight sided tea cup are 264mm in length and 59mm high. This rectangular artwork will be wrapped around the cup as a cylinder with the join running along the line of where the handle is attached to the cup.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to have artwork applied to the inside of the cup or anywhere on the handle. Both these areas will remain white.

The accompanying saucer has a wide rim which you have the option of designing artwork for. This wide ring has an outer diameter of 156mm and an inner diameter of 84mm. When the cup is placed on the saucer it’s base fits snugly within the 84cm inner circle.

You can download the templates here.


As the ceramic processes needed to transform your artwork into a finished cup take time, we ask that you complete your designs and email to as a PDF by 1st July.

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