One Night Only
Roy and Harry

Cult English rock/folk singer Roy Harper will be
joining Harry Pearce for the closing session of the
AGI congress. They have been close friends and collaborators for over 35 years. Harper will be playing his classic song, ‘When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease’ following Pearce's talk on the spirit of this
great English game.

Roy Harper is a survivor of the early 60s scene whose body of work, comprising 23 studio LPs and almost as many live and compilation releases, has come to stand for a particularly single-minded form of integrity.
Now officially ‘retired’ and living in a secluded corner
of Ireland, Harper has recently been hailed as a key influence by a much younger generation for his refusal to compromise and his visionary world view. The
likes of Fleet Foxes and Jim O’Rourke are avowed
fans and, in previous decades, he has enjoyed public endorsements and tributes from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd’s
Dave Gilmour and many more. Harper enjoyed a special relationship with Led Zeppelin, who dedicated a song
to him “Hats off to Harper” and he was invited to sing lead on the single “Have A Cigar” from Pink Floyd’s classic album “Wish You Were Here” (1975). 
On the Sept 23rd, Roy will release “Man and Myth”,
his 24th LP and first in 13 years including contributions from Pete Townshend and Jonathan Wilson. He will follow this with a concert at the Royal Festival Hall
in October.